Mahogany Youth's summer fishing program teaches kids fishing skills, life lessons

Mahogany Youth keeping kids out of trouble, helping them set goals

MIAMI - With school out, 120 Miami Gardens children spent Friday getting hooked on fishing on the Rickenbacker Causeway.

Robert O'Bryant loves fishing, and doesn't like to go alone. In this case, he brought 120 kids. 

The junior anglers learned the tricks of the trade as part of Mahogany Youth's summer fishing program, which teaches them fishing skills and life lessons, all while having fun. 

"It teaches me patience, kindness and responsibility," said Terrian Ponder, who is entering sixth grade.

O'Bryant has been teaching people how to fish for over 20 years. Some students he had along the way now help a new generation get hooked. 

"Every single child was able to pick up a bait. It was something, they were excited, they want to fish. They want to get out in the outdoors. They want to do this stuff," he said.

Mahogany Youth teaches the school children to look higher than their surroundings, keep off drugs, not get trapped on the streets, and to have goals. 

"I'd like to be a lawyer or doctor," Ponder said. 

"I want to go to Harvard and become a teacher," Shyanna Mozone added.

The budding anglers get to keep the poles they used. All the equipment was donated by Fishing Florida and noted angler and conservationist Guy Harvey also supports Mahogany Youth Corporation. 

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