Man dies in ATV accident in North Miami

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NORTH MIAMI, Fla. - A man riding an ATV was killed in a crash with a mini-van in North Miami, police said.

Eyewitnesses told Local 10 that Jesse Petithomme, 24, was speeding when the driver of a blue Dodge Caravan crossing 6th Avenue hit and killed him.

The crash happened at the entrance of a Walgreens near the corner of northeast 149th Street and 6th Avenue.

"By the time he tried to hit the brake, it was too late and just hit the car by the passenger door," said a man who identified himself as DJ One-Way. "The 4-wheeler jumped the car, the other side of the car. He was spinning hard. Somebody come to him and said, 'Are you okay?' And then just put his head up and then put his head down again and then he died right there on the spot. No bleeding or nothing. He died right there on the spot."

Miami-Dade authorities on the scene said the minivan driver wasn't injured and wouldn't be charged.

"He looked scared to see somebody die right there," DJ said. "This guy is like 60-years-old. Of course he's going to be scared to see something like that for the first time maybe in his life."

After the crash, a crowd of people from surrounding apartment complexes descended upon the crime scene, which prompted a large police response.

Dozens of patrol cars and uniformed Miami-Dade officers established a perimeter as traffic homicide detectives investigated the crash.

Stay tuned to Local 10 for more details on this story as they emerge.

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