Man helping neighbor trim tree electrocuted in Miramar

Fire responders say man came in contact with nearby power lines


Residents are saddened to hear that a 55-year-old man helping to trim a tree for a neighbor was electrocuted after he came in contact with nearby power lines.

First responders said that Livabon Gerimere, 55, went to the Miramar home on Shalimar Street to trim a tree for the new homeowner.

But the act of kindness took a tragic and deadly turn when Gerimere came in contact with nearby power lines.

"Helping the resident by pruning her trees," said officer Gil Bueno. "For some reason, he touched a cable from the FPL and he just died."

Getting Gerimere down from the tree took some time, as arrive crews had to first ensure the scene was safe.

"Possibility that wires could still be alive and in contact with him," said Bueno.

As they worked to hoist Gerimere down, neighbors watched in disbelief.

"You never think, you never think something like that would happen to you," said Carlos, a neighbor.

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