Man hit by 3 cars dies; 2 drivers sought

Police: 2 drivers hit man, drove away

MIAMI - A pedestrian died Monday night after being hit by three cars while trying to cross Northwest 17th Avenue, and police are searching for two of the drivers. 

Miami-Dade police said Ismael Cruz-Pratts, 48, was trying to cross the street when a Nissan Altima hit him. Miami-Dade police spokesman Javier Baez said that driver stopped to help and has not been charged. 

As he was struggling to get up, a second car hit Cruz-Pratts, and then a third hit him, then drove away. Police said those cars were a dark-colored Cadillac and a red Honda. 

Police said he was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Family members and friends said Cruz-Pratts was honest and friendly. They asked for the drivers to come forward. 

"He's got various grandkids. It's a shame that somebody's going to hit and leave him there, and he's dead, you know. He was a good guy. He was a good guy, a good friend," said Lilly Franqui, a friend. "Please come forward and turn yourself in."

Residents said a nearby streetlight has been off for several weeks, and they said they have complained to the county several times. They said they think the darkness of the area played a role in the crash. 

Frank Calderon, of the Miami-Dade County Public Works and Waste Management Department, said the county received the first complaint that the streetlights were out on Dec. 21, then it received two more complaints, one on Dec. 21 and one on Dec. 22. Officials believe the lights have been out for about nine days.

Calderon said the outage is "related to an issue with the electrical power being supplied to the lights." He said that the county is "working to remedy this situation as quickly as possible."

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