Man hospitalized after beating; No arrests made

Police have few leads in downtown Miami beating

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MIAMI - A man who was nearly beaten to death on the streets of downtown Miami this weekend is doing surprisingly well, doctors said. 

Although they are happy to see that Rene Betancourt, 22, is pulling through, his family members are anxious to get his attackers off the streets. 

Betancourt had a blood clot the size of a fist, several skull fractures, a broken nose and eyes so swollen they were nearly completely shut after the attack. He remains hospitalized at Jackson Memorial. 

Betancourt's sister, Daniela Herdocia, said that in spite of the attack, her brother was in good spirits Tuesday. 

Betancourt was skateboarding alone in downtown Miami when he said three to five men jumped him, stole his wallet and beat him almost to death. Somehow, he managed to drive himself to a hospital, but he couldn't get out of the car. 

Twelve hours later, his parents tracked him down and took him to the emergency room. He is expected to make a full recovery. 

The family feels blessed that Betancourt is going to make it, but relatives said this will never be over until the people responsible are behind bars. Right now, investigators have very few leads. 

Also, many people have asked why Betancourt was alone in downtown in the middle of the night, but apparently these are normal hours for avid skateboarders because there is less traffic.

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