Man pleads not guilty in fatal hit-and-run

Victim's family members attend hearing

MIAMI - The attorney for a man accused of driving drunk on the Busway and then running away from the scene of a crash that killed a 13-year-old girl entered a plea of not guilty Friday morning.

At Friday's arraignment, Sandor Guillen, 38, was noticeably absent as his attorney said he entered a written plea of not guilty to four felony counts, including vehicular homicide and DUI manslaughter, in the crash that killed Kaely Camacho, 13.

"We didn't expect for a moment that he was going to acknowledge responsibility for what he has done in the tragic death of Kaely," said Bruce Cease, the Camacho family attorney.

Camacho's parents and family members were in the courtroom. Even though her death has taken an emotional toll on them, they vowed to see the case through.

"It is very difficult for the family, but we are going to be here every time. Every time there is a case, a date that we have to come to be present, we are going to be here to support this tragic loss that we are suffering," said the teen's mother, Angela Camacho.

Guillen's lawyer, Bruce Lehr, said his client is out on $205,000 bond and is recuperating at home from substantial injuries he received in the crash.

Police said Guillen was drunk when he drove his SUV down a Busway lane at 100 mph, T-boning a van carrying Kaely Camacho, her father and her older sister, and then running away from the scene.

"He suffered broken ribs, a perforated liver, a collapsed lung and a severely injured knee," said Lehr.

The entire Camacho family wore blue wristbands saying "Kaely with Love" to Friday's hearing. Her father, Kirk Camacho, said the small gesture gives them some comfort.

"A good friend of the family made these for us and had them sent over to the house, and we are actually in the process of getting more made because a lot of people want to remember, and we all wear it as a simple remembrance for her," Kirk Camacho said.

Judge Maria Mendez set a status hearing for July 20.

Meanwhile, Kaely Kamacho's parents plan to attend a dance recital that will feature a special memorial dance for the teen by her fellow eighth-graders at Southwood Middle School.

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