Man Running Pit Bull Kennel Fined $50K

Owner To Close Pit Bull Kennel

WEST PARK, Fla. - A man who has operated a pit bull kennel in the town of West Park said his fight with neighbors and the city will soon be over.

Reno Yohai told Local 10 he is trying to adopt out the pit bulls that are currently on his property.

At one time, Yohai had 30 pit bulls at his home on Southwest 32nd Avenue, but he is now down to 15. Many are in cages and chained to trees in the front and back of the property.

Yohai said the community backlash and the fact he can't take care of all the dogs by himself has led him to give them up.

The city of West Park has levied fines now totaling $50,000 for operating a kennel in a residential neighborhood.

Neighbors said the place is not safe and the animals are abused living in those conditions.

The Broward Sheriff's Office has had abuse and neglect investigators at the house several times.

"They are fed and have water. They have all their shots. They are not in any distress, so at this time, it?s not an animal cruelty issue. It becomes a code/nuisance issue," said Chief Chris McKinstry, of the Broward Sheriff's Office.

Yohai said if he did not rescue the dogs they would be euthanized.

Neighbors call it abuse and say he's selling the dogs for profit.

"My heart is in the right place. My kennel isn't," Yohai said.

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