Man sexually abused 6-year-old girl, Sunrise police say

After confession, Franzce Vital faces 2 counts of sexual battery of child

Franzce Vital

SUNRISE, Fla. - Sunrise police arrested a man Thursday for sexually abusing a 6-year-old girl at his home, authorities said.

It was Franzce Vital's 19th birthday Thursday when he was arrested for allegedly abusing the girl in June.

Vital told police that while he was watching porn and masturbating in his bedroom, the 6-year-old girl walked into the room. She went to lay on the bed, he said, and that was when he sexually abused her.

The girl told police he woke her up and sexually abused her, Sunrise police officer Shelly L. Marchese said in a police report.

Vital faces two counts of sexual battery of a child less than 12 years of age.

Editor's note: Sunrise police previously reported in its affidavit Franzce Vital was an employee of Bair Middle School. However, Sunrise police told Local 10 News that Vital is not and has never been an employee of the school.

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