Man steals $3,400 bike from Big Wheels Cycles

Surveillance video catches crook in the act

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - Call it a bold or stupid but last Monday a man stole an expensive bicycle from Big Wheel Cycles in Hollywood, and the way he did it left everyone's head spinning.

He simply got on the bike and rode away.

"I just can't believe he was on the bike and he rode it out like that," said shop employee Jordan Chin.

The video shows the thief come into the shop the first time and he appears to be shopping, but he is really casing the place.

"We had an employee here ask him if he needed help but he just said he was just looking," Chin said.

Twenty minutes later, the thief came back and made his move.

This guy didn't just steal any ride. He stole a really nice ride -- a high-end mountain bike made by Scott. It is carbon fiber so it is super light weight, it's got dual suspension and even front and rear disc brakes. This bike retails for about $3,400.

The bike is a Scott genius 740. Employees say he originally was looking at a $10,000 but he picked a different one because it was buckled to a bike stand.

A sign on the front door lets you know they are recording video. In fact, the store has twelve high definition cameras and they have caught crooks before.

In February, a man stole two Go Pro cameras from the store and after Local 10 showed the surveillance video, Thomas Ingram was busted. Ironically, he just got out of jail this week.

"If he knew he was on camera why would he be so bold to do it?" Chin asked.

Perhaps the guy is clueless about the cameras or he doesn't mind being a TV star. Either way, Big Wheel Cycles is considering taking its security measures to the next level.

"We are thinking of moving on to where we put a GPS system on each bike," said store owner Tony Chin.