Man sues over penis amputation

Lawyer says anesthesiologist not at fault

MIAMI - A medical malpractice lawsuit is playing out in a Miami courtroom after a man had elective surgery to help keep the spark alive in his marriage, but then said things went very wrong.

Enrique Milla attended Wednesday's proceedings via Skype from Peru, where he and his wife now live.

"This has been devastating, painful and embarrassing," said Milla's attorney, Spencer Aronfeld.

Milla's most private and personal horror, with photographs, played out in a public courtroom as he blamed he anesthesiologist for decisions that led to an infection and eventual amputation after his elective surgery for a penile implant.

"He failed to evaluate properly the risks of this procedure for this patient," Aronfeld said.

Milla, a diabetic, contended that anesthesiologist Dr. Laurentiu Boeru signed off on the surgery, though his vital signs suggested high risk that morning in August 2007 at Coral Gables Hospital, putting profit over patient safety.

But the post-operation infection that consumed Milla's privates and led to the amputation occurred more than a week later.

"Post-operative period is about anywhere between six to 24 hours after surgery. It does not include either days or months," Boeru said.

"This is an infection that occurred in this gentleman because he didn't do what he was supposed to do post-operatively nine days after the surgery," said Jay Chimpoulis, Boeru's attorney.

Chimpoulis suggested that Milla ignored post-op instructions to avoid sex or did some other action that might have caused a fecal infection.

"There are any number of ways he could've gotten that. None of them had anything to do with this guy," Chimpoulis said.

There are tens of millions of dollars at stake. The jury will eventually be asked whether the doctor acted reasonably.

Milla plans to testify via Skype.

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