Man's Miami Heat fandom painted on mural

Miami Heat mural painted along NE 29th Street between Miami Avenue, 1st Avenue in Wynwood

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MIAMI - A Miami Heat fan displays his dedication to the team on a wall in Wynwood.

"I just love to paint. Just like those boys love to play basketball, I just love to paint," said Serge Toussaint, who painted the mural on a wall along Northeast 29th Street between Miami Avenue and 1st Avenue. "I definitely think I am part of the Heat team. Only thing -- I don't have a ring yet."

Each day, Toussaint adds more color to his subjects.

"It makes me feel good," he said. "I'm a Haitian artist living in Miami and painting the team I love the most."

The work began two seasons ago with only the outline of an idea.

"Oh man, once I see a big, white wall, the first thing that comes to my mind [is] this could go there, that could go there," said Toussaint.

Toussaint completed his first mural of the team before the Heat won the 2012 NBA title, so he had to make some changes.

"I felt bad about getting rid of them," he said about the players no longer with the team who he painted over.

Having finished adding those on the 2012 team a few weeks ago, Toussaint said he's debating when to add players from the 2013 edition.

"People keeping asking me, 'Serge, where Birdman? Where's Ray Allen?' Wait, wait. It's coming. It's coming," he said.

Toussaint now joins many others envisioning this season's final moments and the celebration he hopes follows.

"Once the clock ticks down and they are champions, the next day, come around and you'll see me on the wall putting the rest of the players up," he said.

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