Maria Garcia defends having dog on roof in Miami

Tomas Regalado, Alex Muñoz offer statements day after dog was found on roof

MIAMI - Maria Garcia, the manager of G&G Produce, welcomed Local 10 into her warehouse and brought our cameras to the top of the roof -- to prove the dog seen in the Sky 10 video Wednesday was healthy and happy after animal cruelty claims were made.

"My dog is a good boy. I love my dog," said Garcia.

PHOTOS: Dog on the roof

Garcia said Burro, a 3-year-old American bulldog, spends his days inside the air-conditioned building in Miami with his female counterpart, Milagro. But then Burro spends his time on the fenced in roof from the late afternoon until 6 a.m. in guard mode.

"No, no abuse of the dog, ok? I love my dog," said Garcia.

Burro was brought from the family farm in Homestead to live in Miami about a year ago after a string of burglaries ripped off the copper wire to te cooling units and threatened to shut the building down.

Miami Mayor, County Animal Services differ on case?

Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado and Miami-Dade Animal Services Department Director Alex Muñoz appear to differ on how a dog found on the roof of a Miami building should be treated.

On Thursday afternoon, Regalado issued a statement condemning animal cruelty.

Compliance officers responded to a complaint about a dog being left out in abusive conditions at 1201 Northwest 23rd Avenue, according to Regalado's statement. The story quickly gained traction on Facebook after people posted pictures of the dog.

Miami-Dade County Animal Services issued no citations after the dog was found in good condition.

A few hours later, Muñoz released a statement, saying the dog being housed on the warehouse rooftop was being property cared for.

"The safety and welfare of these and all animals are of great concern to all of us," Muñoz said in a statement.  

Muñoz added that when they arrived Wednesday, the dogs were inside the warehouse and playing with their owner.

A dog can be kept outside -- even if it's on a roof -- as long as it has food, water, and shelter.

The Miami-Dade Animal Services Department reached out to the City of Miami to request a joint inspection to ensure the housing and fenced rooftop enclosures are appropriately permitted, according to Muñoz.

Garcia did receiving a warning from compliance officers, who said the dogs needed a rabies vaccination and license within 45 days.

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