Martin investigation continues amid protests

Trayvon Martin's parents attend House meeting

MIAMI - Trayvon Martin's parents were in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday as House members gathered to talk about race and Florida's Stand Your Ground law. 

Sanford's lead homicide detective pressed for an arrest the night Martin, 17, was fatally shot, thinking that George Zimmerman, 28, should face manslaughter charges in the case. The prosecutor did not think there was enough evidence for a conviction, and Zimmerman was not arrested or charged. 

The public outcry, including student demonstrations in South Florida, has resulted in a new prosecutor at the state level and a hearing on Capitol Hill. Miami-Dade's former Police Director Robert Parker was a part of the congressional forum on racial profiling.
"Trayvon Martin was targeted. He was stalked. He was confronted. He was victimized," Parker said. 

"Trayvon is the victim of a botched police investigation," said U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson, D-Miami. 

Federal investigators are looking into whether race and discrimination had roles in the shooting and the police action after. Their probe is separate from the state investigation into whether the shooting was murder or self-defense. 

More detailed accounts casting Martin as the aggressor also have become public. 

Public records back Zimmerman's claim that he was suspicious of Martin because of a recent rash of burglaries. Records showed seven burglary calls to the gated complex since last summer. 

Investigators have returned to the scene and re-interviewed neighbors who said they saw and heard things on the night of the shooting. Among the evidence is conflicting witness accounts from those in the neighborhood that night. 

Brandy Green, the fiancée of Martin's father, explained what she wants for Zimmerman. 

"To see him be arrested and prosecuted and those things," said Green. 

The special prosecutor expects to present the evidence to a grand jury next month.

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