Max Mayfield: This is peak of hurricane season

By Max Mayfield - Hurricane Specialist
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PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. - Remember, this is still the peak of the hurricane season

South Florida residents are glad to see Isaac finally move beyond us. Unfortunately, Isaac is sure to cause much more extensive damage as it moves onto the north Gulf of Mexico coast and inland.

Elsewhere, there is currently a tropical wave passing over the Cape Verde Islands in the far eastern Atlantic. The associated showers and thunderstorms remain disorganized and the National Hurricane Center, at this time, is giving this disturbance a low chance, 10 percent, of developing into a tropical cyclone within the next two days.

Global models from the U.S. National Weather Service, European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, Canada, and the U.S. Navy all suggest a tropical cyclone will eventually develop from this tropical wave and be somewhere in the vicinity of the Leeward Islands in about five to six days.

Only time will tell if this wave will become our next tropical depression or storm. But the current tropical activity is a reminder that we are in the active part of the Atlantic hurricane season, which runs from mid-August to the middle or end of October.

I talked with a few stressed out people this weekend who had to make last minute preparations for Isaac. Remember that Isaac was a tropical storm -– not a hurricane and certainly not close be being a major hurricane. For those of you who have yet to make your hurricane preparedness plan that I was hoping you would do back in June, you still have time to do so before the next storm threatens. It will at least cut down on some of the stress.

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