Men wanted for US Postal Service carrier robbery

2 men steal master key from letter carrier in North Miami

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MIRAMAR, Fla. - The U.S. Postal Inspection Service released surveillance video Monday showing two men who they believe robbed a letter carrier in North Miami.

The robbery happened at 14050 NE 6th Avenue on Dec. 26.

The video showed two men walking near the Royal Palace Apartment complex. Investigators say the two men then grabbed the female letter carrier and stole her master key.

"This was simply one kid came from behind and grabbed her while another snatcher keys and ran away," said U.S. Postal Inspector Ivan Ramirez.

The letter carrier wasn't injured.

A master key, or arrow key, opens every box in a central mailbox, but is route specific. But investigators worry it can still be used before the men are caught.

"These keys are the key to a financial future for anybody who wants to steal your identity and then go ahead and apply for credit under your name," said Ramirez.

"It's a threat to not only letter carriers but everyone out there in the community. We have dangerous people out there who are trying to steal from anybody that they can and it's a danger to everyone," said U.S. Postal Inspector Blanca Alvarez. "That's why we're asking for the community's help because they're our eyes and ears and we can work together to try to stop these people from committing these violent crimes."

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The USPS is offering up to $25,000 for information that leads to the arrests and convictions of the robbers.

In September, a federal jury found a man guilty of killing a USPS carrier after the 30-year veteran was killed in 2010.

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