Miami-Dade County bans sale of bath salts, synthetic pot

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. - The Miami-Dade Commission on Tuesday unanimously said no to the sale of bath salts and fake pot in the county, passing an ordinance to ban them.

It happened after a public hearing at which no one from the public spoke for or against the ban. But commissioners were united in their opposition.

"We don't know yet about what these drugs do," said Commission Chairman Joe Martinez. "But we know they're targeted at teen-agers. Bath salts are hallucinogens, they're mind altering and they're dangerous."

The ban was spurred initially by the rampage of Rudy Eugene, who viciously attacked a homeless man on the McArthur Causeway and who was believed to be under the influence of bath salts.  However, blood tests showed that only marijuana was in Eugene's system.

On June 11, the decomposing bodies of two young men were found in a field in west Miami-Dade. Teresa Miranda, the mother of one of the men, later told the Doral Commission that she believed her son had overdosed on a synthetic drug she identified as 25i. The Doral Commission urged the Miami-Dade Commission to ban all synthetic drugs. 

Also on Tuesday, the Hollywood Commission voted to ban fake pot and bath salts.

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