Miami-Dade firefighter accused of impersonating officer

Detectives say man struck another's vehicle, threatened to make arrest

MIAMI - Police say a 52-year-old Miami-Dade firefighter has been charged after impersonating a police officer and striking the hood of another person's vehicle.

Alejandro Ravelo, 59, was traveling on Southwest 81st Drive when detectives said Osvaldo Alvarez, 52, pulled up next to Ravelo and confronted him about his driving.

As Ravelo drove away, police said Alvarez followed him to the parking lot at 8333 Southwest 81st Avenue, where detectives said he then got out of his vehicle and struck Ravelo's hood.

Ravelo then drove to another parking space where police said Alvarez blocked him in with his vehicle and threatened to arrest him.

Alvarez then reached through Ravelo's window and grabbed his hand, police said.

Authorities said several witnesses dialed 911, saying an officer needed assistance. Once uniform officers arrived, detectives said it was determined that Alvarez was not a police officer but a Miami-Dade firefighter.

Alvarez was then arrested and charged with falsely personating officer, vehicle burglary and battery.

Police said Ravelo did not suffer any injuries.

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