Missing woman's friend: We pray for a miracle

Police search Miramar waterways for Vilet Torrez

MIRAMAR, Fla. - As crime scene investigators and dive crews scoured a Miramar lake Tuesday for evidence in the disappearance of Vilet Torrez, her brother, sister-in-law and friend stopped to observe the search.

The lake near Interstate 75 and Miramar Parkway was the fourth waterway Miramar police officers and members of the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue multiagency Urban Search and Rescue South Florida Task Force has searched in the past two days.

The officers were using K-9s specially trained to detect buried or submerged human remains as they continued to investigate disappearance of Torrez, 38, who has not been seen since March 30.

Torrez's brother, Javier Blanco, her sister-in-law, Julie Spurlock Blanco, and her friend, Clarissa Garcia, spotted the police activity and realized what was going on.

"We just so happened to be driving by and we saw the cops doing their search," Blanco said. "It's an unsettling feeling, but I'm really happy that they're searching, that it's out there, that the story's still out there, that my sister hasn't been forgotten."

"As sad as this is to see, they're looking, and although we pray for a miracle, we're just hoping that we find something," Garcia said.

"The slim chances of finding her and finding her alive and well, I don't think it's not possible. If people win the lottery, I mean, I think miracles do happen, you know?" Blanco said.

Torrez's loved ones are refusing to give up hope.

"More than anything, I don't want to know, but I desperately need to know," said Spurlock Blanco. "We need to pay her the respects that she deserves and continue to also pray for a miracle that we will see her again and she'll be able to tell us what happened."

Police said they plan to continue to conduct these searches in the coming days.

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