Missing woman's husband mum on case

Attorney advises Cid Torrez not to comment

MIRAMAR, Fla. - Cid Torrez has a story to tell about his wife's disappearance, about being called a killer by his in-laws and about losing custody of his children, but he isn't talking about any of it.

Local 10's sit-down with Torrez on Wednesday was a one-sided conversation, as attorney Richard Della Fera would not let Torrez answer any questions.

"I know that he would like to. I've advised him not to," Della Fera said.

Miramar police are looking for answers in the disappearance of Torrez's estranged wife, Vilet Torrez, 38, who vanished in March after she left her children with him for the weekend.

Cid Torrez has denied any involvement, though detectives said he has not cooperated with the investigation and will not answer their questions, either.

"He has nothing to do with Vilet's disappearance, and he knows that, and he's told police that," Della Fera said.

Cid Torrez was reunited with his children Tuesday night after a two-month custody fight with his wife's family members, who have openly accused him of killing Vilet Torrez and hiding her body. But, with no evidence to support that claim, the Department of Children and Families dropped its effort to keep the children away from their father.

Cid Torrez told his attorney he will not make the children suffer the consequences of the family feud.

"He's indicated to me that when the time is right, he's going to allow the Blanco family visit the children because he feels it's important for children to have a connection with both sides of the family," Della Fera said.

Miramar police intend to release new information in the disappearance of Vilet Torrez later this week, but it is unclear whether the evidence will shed any light on what happened to her or who may have been involved.

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