More businesses hiring, growing in South Florida

Gov. Scott: "We're blow national average for the first time in years"

By Carlos Suarez - Anchor/Reporter

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. - With an uptick in the number of construction projects, South Florida-based, E-Builder, is running out of room to do business -- literally.

The company is expanding its headquarters in Plantation, and with it, the need for new workers.

"We're right now hiring 20 to 30 people. And we expect to hire at least 30 people per year into the new future," Ron Antevy said.

The software company helps builders and developers oversee just above every aspect of a project on-line.

With $20 million in revenue last year, the company says it expects to grow by more than a third this year.

"You're seeing an uptick in construction and as a result more people that need to use our software to help them build," Antevy said.

Mason Jackson of Work Force One says the labor market in South Florida is slightly better than the rest of the state.

Manufacturing jobs are leading the way in Broward while construction has remained flat in Miami-Dade.

The overall sense from experts is the jobs outlook is improving, but at a slow pace.

"There is also the issue that people who are unemployed, have been unemployed longer, and there is a bit of hesitation out there on the part of employers to hire people, who have been unemployed for six months," Jackson said.

Just last week, a pair of Fortune 500 companies announced they're adding new jobs to the area.

Airline manufacturer Boeing, will fill 100 positions at its pilot training facility in Virginia Gardens.

The announcement caught the eye of Governor Rick Scott who touted Florida's jobless rate.

"We're below national average for the first time in years," Scott said. "We're going to keep looking at regulations and taxes we can reduce."

American Airlines is also looking to hire.

The carrier needs to fill 700 flight attendant positions in the coming months with a majority of them based in South Florida.

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