Mother of son shot by Miami police officer speaks out

Sheila McNeil says her son was unarmed, reaching for cell phone when officer fatally shot him


A mother, whose 27-year-old son was shot and killed by a city of Miami police officer, spoke out after federal investigators accused Miami police officers of using excessive force in officer-involved shootings.

When Travis McNeil was shot and killed by a Miami police officer, his mom fired back with public criticism.

"My son died a horrible death," said Sheila McNeil.

McNeil said she wanted justice for Travis and the six other men who were shot by cops in the span of eight months.

On Tuesday, McNeil said the findings marked a step in the right direction.

"I say thanks to the federal government for finally seeing things our way," McNeil said.

Federal investigators accused Miami police officers of using excessive force, something McNeil said she's known all along.

McNeil told Local 10's Sasha Andrade her son was unarmed and reaching for a cell phone when officer Reynaldo Goyos shot and killed him.

"It's like it happened yesterday to me. I miss my son very much and I'm just glad it's coming to some type of conclusion," said McNeil. "Maybe I can get some type of closure."

Goyos was fired, and now the department he worked for is in the hot seat with federal pressure to make drastic changes to policy.

Is it the answer to the grieving mother's prayers? McNeil said not really, but she said it's something.

"Justice would be me being able to see my child again but that won't happen, that's just not in the real world," McNeil said. "Maybe it'll keep the next young man from being shot."

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