Mother, son arrested after emaciated pit bull found tied to bumper

Boynton Beach mother, son arrested on animal cruelty charges

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - A mother and son are under arrest after an animal cruelty investigator said she found a pit bull emaciated and tied to the bumper of a vehicle at their Boynton Beach home.

Hattie Isaiah, 54, and Andrew Jones, 28,  are charged with cruelty to animals and the unlawful abandonment or confinement of an animal.

According to the police report, Boynton Beach police officers found the emaciated, adult pit bull secured to the bumper of an abandoned vehicle behind a home at 85 Flamingo Drive on Feb. 12.

The police report stated, "... there was a cable attached to the dog's collar by a heavy clasp; the cable was wrapped and twisted around the bumper as if it had been secured in that position for a long period of time.  The dog's rib, hip and spine bones were visible.  The dog also had a skin condition, hair loss and a large scar down the length of it's back."

Officers noted there was no visible shelter for the dog, and no food or water present.

The report stated Isaiah told detectives she didn't even know the dog was on her property and "somebody probably just tied the dog up there."

Jones stated his "homeboy" brought the dog to his mother's house a few weeks prior because he could no longer care for it, but that he came by his mother's home every few days to give the dog food and water.

Jones signed an animal history card, effectively relinquishing his ownership rights to the dog.  The dog was transferred to the Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control for evaluation and treatment.

A veterinarian noted the dog was "emaciated," and had "obvious loss of muscle mass, no discernible body fat..."  Tests results revealed the dog was suffering from internal parasites. 

The dog was de-wormed, given vitamins and in 9 days, gained 13.6 pounds.

Jones and Isaiah are scheduled to appear in court on Aug. 2.

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