Trump accused of spreading misinformation about coronavirus

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump said Thursday he was unable to meet with Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, who had tested positive for the coronavirus during a protocol test. Trump toured the Whirlpool Corp. plant with Lt. Gov. Jon Husted.

Dewine, 73, who is asymptomatic, is the second U.S. governor to test positive for the coronavirus. The first one was Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt, who told reporters on Thursday after hugging long-time friends who were visiting from Tulsa.

On Wednesday, Facebook and Twitter accused Trump of spreading misinformation about the coronavirus after sharing a link to a Fox News video showing him saying that children are “virtually” immune.

Trump and Gov. Ron DeSantis have been lobbying for the reopening of public schools in Florida.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the first pediatric case in the United States was on March 2. A CDC study shows children who were infected with the coronavirus were more likely to be asymptomatic, and up to 2% required intensive care unit treatment.

According to the Florida Department of Health, 39,735 children and teenagers have tested positive for the coronavirus in the state and 436 required hospitalization. Four out of the seven who died of COVID-19 were agest 14 to 17.

Florida Department of Health (FDOH)



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