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About 9.5 million passengers screened by TSA during Thanksgiving holiday travel period

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MIAMI – The Transportation Security Administration reported Tuesday that it screened more than 1 million airline passengers on four individual days during the Thanksgiving holiday travel period, which began Friday, Nov. 20 and ended this past Sunday.

About 9.5 million passengers were screened by TSA over the full 10-day period.

According to a news release from the agency, TSA screening volumes dropped to a low of 87,500, or just 4% of travel volume compared to the year prior, on April 14 amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Officials say since then, people have begun gradually traveling more, with travel volumes rising to about 40% of recovery between Labor Day and Thanksgiving.

The last time travel volume rose above 1 million passengers in a single day was Sunday, October 18 during the Columbus Day holiday travel period, the news release stated.

In an attempt to prevent the spread of COVID-19, TSA has implemented numerous modifications to its screening checkpoints, including by improving sanitization of equipment and surfaces, eliminating physical contact whenever possible and installing equipment like acrylic barriers in certain areas of the checkpoints.

TSA urges passengers to check the CDC’s travel guidelines before heading out on a trip, as well as their airline’s, and urges passengers to check the COVID-19-related guidelines at their destination.

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