WATCH: Man catches alligator with bare hands, drags him through park

Georgia man drags alligator out of a playground at a park

SAVANNAH, Ga. – A man in Georgia is caught on camera grabbing an alligator and dragging it across a park with his bare hands.

The seven-foot-long alligator was hiding behind a swing set Bowles Ford Park. Marquell White says he acted quickly because he didn’t want anyone to be blindsided and attacked.

“My first reaction was what am I doing out here?” said White.

He might have hesitated, but nothing stopped it from grabbing it with his bare hands.

“It was a healthy fear. I respected the power that I knew the gator had,” said White.

A licensed trapper for the state of Georgia later visited the park and saw the tracks the gator left behind.

“We could tell something had a fight with the gator in that fenced in area,” said Trapper Jack, animal catcher.

Trapper Jack received a few calls about gator sightings in the area and says White was lucky the gator did not attack him.

“That is very, very dangerous to them and whoever may be watching,” said Trapper Jack.

White says people may joke, but the city should step in to help because alligators in the area are often covered by grass and foliage and aren’t easily seen.