4 people shot at software company near Madison

Suspected shooter also injured, city official says

MIDDLETON, Wis. - A city official said four people have been shot, but none fatally, during a shooting Wednesday at a software company near Madison, Wisconsin.

The shooting occurred Wednesday morning in Middleton. City Administrator Mike Davis said the suspected shooter was also injured. Their conditions weren't immediately known.

The shooting was reported around 10 a.m. at WTS Paradigm. Davis said police have lifted a lockdown.

An employee at the business said she ran for her life after hearing "really loud" shots.

Judy Lahmers is a business analyst at WTS Paradigm. She said she didn't know whether to run or hide when she heard shots. She said she ran out of the building and hid behind a car.

Lahmers said she knows one co-worker was grazed by a shot but was OK. She didn't know the extent of the shooting.

Lahmers said the shooting was "totally unexpected."

"We're all software people. We have a good group," she said. 

Another company, Esker, is next door. Esker employee Gabe Geib said he heard a couple of shots but didn't immediately know what it was. He said he then saw numerous people running away from the building in "full sprint."

Esker said he and his colleagues were still huddled in their cafeteria, away from windows, more than an hour after the shooting.

A hospital spokesman said four people are being treated at University Hospital in Middleton.

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