Jennifer Garner faces down highway toll booth

Actress shares video on Instagram

By Stephen Anthony Sobek
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Jennifer Garner

(CNN) - World-famous actress Jennifer Garner is just like all of us when she's faced with an everyday challenge like an unmanned toll booth on a highway, reported.

The actress shared a video on Instagram of her at the Oklahoma-Arkansas border trying to figure out the machine.



"Apologies to cars stacked behind me at the OK/AR toll booth last night. Real world problems are hard," she wrote on Instagram over the weekend.

A "COINS ONLY – No Pennies – No Bills" can be seen in the background of the video.

"Lord have mercy," Garner says as she feeds dollars into it. After coins are spit out at her she momentarily thinks she may have dropped one. "Is this everything? Hang on."

When she throws all of the coins into the basket, the red light stays on. "D--- it! OK," she said. She finds another quarter and it finally works.

"Gracious. I'm all flustered," she said as she finally drives off. "Oklahoma!"

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