NASA celebrates final construction of world's most powerful rocket

Rocket to launch to the moon

By Jennifer Crockett
NASA [Public domain]

NEW ORLEANS (CNN) - The most powerful rocket in the world is being built in New Orleans, according to NASA.

The rocket core is in its final stages of construction and is set to be tested in December at NASA's Stennis Space Center in Mississippi, WDSU reported.

Engineers from across the country came together at the Michoud facility in New Orleans on Thursday to see the nearly finished product.

"It's living a dream," said Joseph Devenport, NASA engineer. "It's exciting, really exciting."

The 212-foot core will carry fuel for the rocket as part of the Artemis Space Program, which is projected to launch to the moon at the end of 2020 and eventually bring astronauts to Mars.

"The moon is our proving ground," said Jim Bridenstine, NASA administrator. "How do we prove the technologies, prove the capabilities, utilize the resources of another world and then go on to Mars? The Artemis program is our first step to eventually planting a flag on Mars."


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