Nearly $2 million worth of marijuana confiscated by Coast Guard

2,058 pounds of marijuana offloaded Friday

By Roger Lohse , Alexandra Fruin - Producer

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - Nearly $2 million worth of marijuana was offloaded at the U.S. Coast Guard Station Miami Beach on Friday morning.

The Coast Guard seized the 2,058 pounds of marijuana from a go-fast boat in the Caribbean Sea last month.

Four suspected drug smugglers were taken into custody and the 48 bales tested positive for marijuana.

"There was no resistance," U.S. Coast Guard Lt. Megan Gies said. "They did stop once the Dependable small boat got on scene. They did not resist the boarding team embarking."

Coast Guard officials said the pot was tightly packed and stuffed into Jamaican sugar cane bags. The 2,058 pounds of marijuana is estimated to be worth $1.9 million.

The suspects have spent the past week in custody on the cutter in the Caribbean, but they were brought ashore Friday morning.

"The drugs will come ashore here," Gies said. "They'll be handed over to U.S. federal law enforcement and be used in the prosecution of the four suspected smugglers."

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