Neighbor Testifies In Case Over Clucking Chickens

Chicken Lawsuit Goes To Court

By Ben Kennedy - Reporter

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - A woman testified Thursday in a lawsuit she and her husband filed over the chickens and other animals their neighbors keep in their Hollywood yard.

Sandra Einhorn testified that the Kohns, who own the chickens, and their children started the fight.

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"The children are being mentally abused," Einhorn said. "They are being encouraged to spy on neighbors, and make comments of my husband having crabs in front of children as young as 4 or 5 crossed that line."

Einhorn and her husband, Grant, filed a lawsuit, asking a judge to have the Kohns' noisy pet chickens taken away. The couple claims the birds wake them up, smell bad and escape into their yard and are a violation of Hollywood code.

But the situation involves more than just chickens. The Einhorns shot video of Renee Kohn, which they say is evidence that she started harassing them and dancing outside their house after they filed the lawsuit.

The Kohns said they feel harassed and that their chickens are pets.

While the courtroom drama played out Wednesday, police officers and health inspectors showed up at the Kohns' house, taking photos.

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