Neighbors say city should limit filming at celebrity homes

Alex Rodriguez's neighbors say Yankees star booking too many commercial shoots each month

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MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - Miami Beach is a Mecca for celebrities and reality TV shows. But all that filming is ruffling the feathers of some nearby neighbors.

What is like to live next to Alex Rodriguez? According to one of his neighbors, it's one extravagant photo shoot after another.

"January there was I believe four or five shoots. In February, there were like seven shoots," the neighbor told Local 10's Sasha Andrade.

He didn't want to show his face on camera, but he wanted to share his story for the sake of the serenity in this community.

City ordinance currently allows homeowners 60 days of commercial shoots every six months.

And Yankees star Alex Rodriguez is taking full advantage of it, booking everything from Victoria Secret shoots, to X-Factor episodes. Even the Kardashians considered moving in for their show.

Arod's neighbor says he has no problems with Rodriguez. They just want a reasonable limit on the number of shoots he's allowed each month.

On the other side of the issue is Graham Winick, the Film and Event Production Manager for Miami Beach. Winick says the film industry is critical to the area's economy. Last year alone it generated $87 million. He says limiting commercial shoots will be very bad forĀ  business.

"We do need to make some changes," Winick said. "We do need to limit this to some degree, but not to the extreme. What he's asking for ultimately will send the message that this industry isn't welcome in Miami Beach."

Mayor Maddie Bower says she sees both sides. But if she were the umpire of the situation, Arod would be out.

Ultimately the city commission will decide.

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