Neki Mohan's Mom Moment: Can you relate?

By Neki Mohan - Anchor/Reporter

Most mornings my colleague Jen Herrera and I greet each other with, "How did it go this morning?"

"IT" being the race to get out the house, toddlers fully dressed, clean and fed with lunches in tow.

As professional women we should have on shoes that match, hair that can molded for TV, and a simple tailored clean outfit. Plus an good attitude that is ready to face the intense world of TV news!

Easier said than done!

These are some of the moments we have shared over the past year.

Neki: How do you tell a potty training toddler that she can't use the bathroom before she leaves home because mommy has to make the morning meeting? You smile and act supportive when you really want to say... PLEASE wear a diaper one more time, forget everything I said! I really don't want to be late! Of course I have never said that, I was just well late.

Jen's younger daughter now says, "Mommy be late!" as her morning mantra. Isn't that cute? She will probably remember it in therapy as a teen.

Neki: I have taken my daughter to school with two different shoes on and pretended I didn't notice AND acted surprised when the teacher texted me to tell me. (Please don't judge, I asked for forgiveness in night prayers)

Can other working moms relate? All I know is that some days I don't know how I do it and it is always an adventure. In fact in feels weird now when it is uneventful.

Still, when we are all tucked in at night, I am at peace with why I juggle the way I do. 

Somewhere along the line in life, I asked for all of this and with hard work and a lot of blessings, I got it.

Now it's up to me figure it out! It does help everyday to have a friend like Jen who can relate.

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