New art exhibit displays recycled materials

Exhibit runs through Nov 2

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. - Bubble wrap, Styrofoam and other discarded materials have been turned into art in Pembroke Pines.    

Keith Haag calls himself an "accidental artist". One day, his Styrofoam recycling machine oozed out something that caught his eye. 

"I had a unique piece of melted Styrofoam hanging out of this machine," said Haag. "I thought, if it will stand up on its own, I could be onto something."

Haag's work caught the eye of Jill Slaughter, curator for the City of Pembroke Pines. She put together an art exhibit made out of recycled or repurposed materials. 

"It's to make you see things and even feel things, smell things in a way that they weren't intended," said Slaughter.

Patricia Schnall Gutierrez is one of the seven artists who have works on display for the next two months. She creates wall hangings out of steel wool, and sculptures from scraps.

"We have made all of this garbage. Why not put back in, put it to good use," said Gutierrez.

Lucinda Linderman finds her materials in dumpsters around Miami. She makes hanging displays and clothing out of plastic shrink wrap.

Linderman proudly showed off dresses, tops and hats that she recently made. 

"It's a way to kind of relate to people because most people understand clothing they like to see the transition of materials from waste into something recognizable," said Linderman.

The artists at the Wrapt Attention exhibit want to stress recycling, but won't say no to a sale. 

"If someone shows up and wants to give me a hundred grand for something unique and one of a kind, I'll take it," said Haag. 

Haag said he would put the money back into his recycling business.

The exhibit runs through the end of November. An artist meet and greet is scheduled for November 2nd.

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