New Developments In Battle Over Clucking Chickens

Source: Police Seize Equipment From Chicken Owners' Home

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - More action has been reported at the home of a family who refuses to remove 15 chickens from the back yard of their home in an upscale Hollywood neighborhood.

Local 10 has learned Hollywood police seized computer equipment and documentation after executing a search warrant on the Emerald Hills home of Steve and Renee Kohn on North 51st Avenue.

Police won't confirm the details.

A source said police are investigating whether the Kohns hacked into a neighbor's computer. The Kohns are also accused of harassing a witness who is expected to testify in an upcoming trial against them, according to the source.

Grant and Sandra Einhorn have filed a civil suit asking a judge to order the Kohn family to remove the chickens from their back yard.

Sandra Einhorn said there is no peace.

"They cluck starting in the morning. It is on and off throughout the day," she told Local 10's Jeff Weinsier in March. "We have feathers in our pool, and when it's hot out, it smells like a farm."

Sandra Einhorn provided Local 10 with pictures and video that showed chickens on her property and on a fence that separates the houses. In the video, chickens could be heard clearly clucking from the Einhorns' back yard.

Steve Kohn called his chickens family pets.

"They are beloved pets and a way for my children to gain responsibility and care for them. They are a source of fertilizer and fresh eggs," he said.

The Einhorns and Kohns live next door to each other in the upscale Emerald Hills section of Hollywood.

Hollywood does have an ordinance prohibiting fowl and poultry in residential neighborhoods, and the Kohns face fines of $250 a day, which have added up to $146,000.

"It's definitely unbearable. I can't live like this, and to be honest with you, there is no reason why I should live like this," Sandra Einhorn said.

"People should live and let live and mind their own business," Kohn said.

No charges have been filed against the Kohns, but a source said it is an active investigation.

The civil case is expected to go to trial in July.

According to a police report obtained by Local 10, on May 11, Renee Kohn was cited for smashing into a vehicle in the driveway of the president of the Emerald Hills homeowners' association.

Lenora Chuchla told police she pulled up to her home and saw a van parked in her driveway. The driver of the van was identified as Renee Kohn. When Chuchla asked Kohn what she was doing in the driveway, Chuchla told police Kohn told her "not to testify in the upcoming civil court hearing."

Chuchla called police, and that's when Kohn backed into vehicle driven by Chuchla's friend, according to the police report.

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