New restrictions for busway after Local 10 investigation

Off-duty officials spotted using restricted busway

MIAMI - The Miami-Dade Police and Fire Departments restricts the use of the county busway following a Local 10 investigation.

Police Director J.D. Patterson issued a memorandum on Sept. 24 saying that the busway would be limited to on-duty units responding to calls and busway enforcement efforts.

"The Busway [sic] is not to be utilized while off-duty, or as a means to bypass rush hour traffic patterns," said Patterson.

Fire Chief Dave Downey issued a similar memorandum on Sept. 30, saying: "Permitted travel shall be limited to emergency vehicles responding to an incident with lights and sirens or returning from an incident allow for a prompt return to territory."

Local 10 found several drivers, including county employees, using the restricted busway off U.S. 1 in southwest Miami-Dade County while others waited in traffic.

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