Occupy Miami, Fort Lauderale Demonstrators Camp Through Weekend

South Florida Protests Flow Overnight, Through Weekend

MIAMI - The Occupy Miami and Fort Lauderdale movements flowed into Sunday, as protesters camped out to rally against corporate greed.

In Miami, starting Saturday, an estimated 1,000 people turned out at Bayfront Park to express their frustrations. Many people brought in tents and generators Saturday night, saying they will stay as long as it takes to bring attention to their cause.

In Fort Lauderdale, an estimated 200 to 300 people marched from the Federal Courthouse to the Bank of America building on Las Olas Boulevard on Saturday. They chanted "banks got bailed out we got sold out."

Key rallying points across South Florida include everything from high unemployment, income disparity and government bailouts for the banking industry.

"There's a big disconnect between what the people want and how corporations operate and how our government seems to favor them," said Government Center demonstrator, Alex Rosales.

The rallies are part of the Occupy Wall Street movement that began several weeks ago in New York City. That protest has now spread across the country, spawning dozens of protests in cities around the world.

Demonstrators call themselves the "99-percenters." The term expresses their view that a small minority hoards a majority of the nation's wealth. Protesters say the Occupy movement is dedicated to a struggling majority.

"There's more than enough money to go around in this system and the people who need it the least are the ones who are keeping it from the people who need it the most," said Government Center demonstrator, Alex Wall.

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