Officer testifies in man's trial over wife's death

Testimony continues in murder trial

By Ben Kennedy - Reporter

MIAMI - Testimony continued Thursday in the trial of an Aventura man accused of strangling his wife in 2007.

Adam Kaufman is accused of killing Lina Kaufman, who was found dead in the bathroom at the couple's Aventura home.

Aventura police crime scene technician Ana Howell was called back to the stand after she was accused of lying Wednesday about her relationship with the lead detective. 

Howell was grilled on her past affair, then stormed out of the court room. 

Next up was Aventura police Officer Belinda Alvarez, who recounted the day in 2007 when she responded to Adam Kaufman's 911 call. 

"The question has to do (with), if there was signs of a struggle, you would have put that in your report?" said defense attorney Albert Milian. 

But, the questions turned toward a silver Mercedes-Benz found parked in the garage. Alvarez said she heard a ticking noise coming from the hood. 

"(I) put my hand on the hood and it felt it was warm," said Alvarez. 

The defense pointed out that the ticking noise heard by Alvarez was not in her police report and that she didn't know if the car had been used that morning.

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