Orange Bowl remembered at new Marlins Park

Iconic letters appear at stadium

MIAMI - Fifteen enormous, orange, letter-shaped sculptures have appeared in and around the east plaza at Marlins Park. 

Some are propped on their sides. Others appear suspended.

One thing's for sure: The 10-foot-tall letters look strikingly like the ones that once proudly hung on the old Orange Bowl. 

"I think it's cool. But, it's hard for somebody to understand unless they know a little but about it," said David Cericola, a steelworker. 

It's probably on purpose that a few seem to rise from the ground. The fervent fan would say it's the old OB rising from the rubble like a phoenix. 

The stadium, built in 1937, was home to the Miami Hurricanes, where the Miami Dolphins basked in its undefeated season, and the site of movie shoots and legendary concerts. 

Daniel Arsham, with the architecture firm Snarkitecture, designed the letters and the concept. The actual name of the piece is "A Memorial Bowling" and, to the casual viewer, elicits a past-meets-present sensibility. 

On Snarkitecture's website, the artwork "imagines a creative possibility out of the destruction of the Orange Bowl ... As visitors move through the plaza, new alignments are created between the letters, spelling out different words as the new stadium is glimpsed through fragments of the old." 

Whatever it all means, the letters aren't going anywhere. Workers said the replica Orange Bowl letters are solid concrete. 

"Solid concrete, yeah, they're cast in place. Several tons -- you could park your truck on one," Cericola laughed.

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