Organic Dynamics statement

At Organic Dynamics we process only fresh, fruit, vegetable and seafood ingredients that unfortunately would otherwise end up in the county landfill. Organic Dynamics does not handle spoiled or post consumer food waste. We employ a unique processing method to convert those fresh food ingredients into value added, Organic liquid fertilizers and bio-pesticides. The companies liquid products are used by the largest agricultural land owners in the state and are helping to replace many of the harmful chemicals that growers are forced to use to help fertilize crops and control pests while also reducing chemical leachate into the states waterways.

Our business philosophy revolves around being not only good stewards to the environment but to our surrounding industrial neighbors. We are located in an I-1X zoned heavy industrial property in Pompano Beach and we have expended hundreds of thousands of dollars in engineering work and capital equipment to help reduce the perceived odor that 2-3 industrial neighbors have complained about. All the while, we have been working with the county to implement and expedite the installation of this new air dispersion equipment. Air quality tests that have been performed to help develop the advanced odor control equipment have also shown that the company produces a non-harmful organic odor. This information has also been shared with the county air department. So while the odors are not harmful, as good neighbors we will continue to expedite the installation of our new equipment and expect it to be installed shortly.

In response to the 70 complaints, it should be noted that many of those complaints have been unsubstantiated by the counties inspectors. It should also be noted that the majority of those 70 complaints come from two industrial neighbors. Many of the remaining complaints have also been proven fraudulent and are currently being investigated by the proper authorities.

Organic Dynamics has 15 employees that work in the facility, including one woman who worked while pregnant for 9 months and recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. None of our employees have experienced any health issues or nausea related to their employment. The perceived odor comes from the process of mixing these fresh food ingredients together like a fish and vegetable soup.

Again I apologize for not being able to get back with you sooner and would be happy to offer you the opportunity to tour the facility and see how we are helping to bring Broward county to the forefront of organic recycling.