Oscar Night Bingo

Play along as you watch the show

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It's Oscar time and every day this week, Local 10 personalities will be making their picks for Oscar's biggest honors.

MIAMI - We've made sure that watching the the Academy Awards, on Local10.com on Sunday night will be a lot of fun!

We've created these Oscar Night Bingo Cards that will help you play along with your fellow awards show watchers.

First, print out the Bingo Cards:

Bingo Card #1

Bingo Card #2

Bingo Card #3

Bingo Card #4

Bingo Card #5

Here are the rules:

  • If you have Billy Crystal, you get to mark him off as soon as he starts the opening monologue.
  • If the actor/actress pictured wins an Oscar, you mark him/her off.
  • The movies listed are the Best Picture nominees. Mark that one off if you have the winning one pictured. (You'll probably have to wait, as that's usually the last category of the night).
  • When the categories on the card (like "Makeup" or "Directing") come up, mark those off.
  • Some of the cards include moments that will require your ears and eyes - like "Winner Cries" or "Winner Thanks Mom." If those things happen, mark them off your card.

We've started you off with a "Free Space," so you at the very least, you'll get one spot marked off.

Coverage of The Academy Awards begins on at 4:30 p.m. Sunday on Local10.com.

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