Parents voice anger about Broward school bus problems

Employee photographs bus passes stacked up Tuesday

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - The Broward County School Board heard from angry parents and employees on Tuesday after holding its first meeting after a few days full of bus problems.

Local 10's Bob Norman spoke with Tammy Benjamin, who said she waited for the bus on Monday that never came for her 6-year-old son.

"An hour and a half and they never showed," said Benjamin.

Benjamin was just one of thousands of parents affected by the problems at the Broward County Schools Transportation Department on the first day back to school.

"We waited and waited and no bus ever showed up," Steve Spiegelman.

Superintendent Robert Runcie has been downplaying the problems but heard it from angry parents and employees on Tuesday.

"At Nova Middle School, the last kid didn't leave until 7:30 last night," said Spiegelman. "If this is how you're running transportation and this is how you're running the school board, I feel sorry for all the school board members."

Tuesday, Local 10 learned Nora Rupert's and Donna Korn's children also didn't receive bus information.

"Did my child get my bus schedule? No, she didn't," said Rupert. "It was across the board."

An employee photographed stacks of bus passes and showed the picture to the board.

"Those are the school bus passes, vouchers sitting on the floor today?" asked Norman.

"Yes, as of this morning," said Glynda Linton, a union representative.

"That were never mailed out?" said Norman.

"Never mailed out," replied Linton.

Much of the ire has been directed at Chester Tindall, the transportation supervisor, who has so far declined comment. Sources blamed management for the problems, not the computer glitch Runcie has said caused the issue.

Board Member Robin Bartleman called for Runcie to investigate.

"He needs to go back and investigate now and investigate this whole situation. He needs to look at those pictures -- why weren't those cards mailed out?" said Bartleman. "I don't want this ever to happen again."

Runcie said an investigation and full report about the bus problems would be submitted to the board.

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