Pinecrest on edge after burglaries

At least 3 break-ins on one block

PINECREST, Fla. - A rash of burglaries has people living in the Village of Pinecrest on edge.

Denise Rodriguez said her surveillance cameras recorded two men breaking into her home while she was on vacation.

"When you came home, what did this place look like?" asked Local 10's Sasha Andrade.

"It was a disaster," replied Rodriguez. "They took the safe. They took all the jewelry. Everything I had in there -- purses, shoes, perfumes."

Rodriguez was one of several victims in the area. On one block, three homes had been broken into.

Down the street, a woman came home while someone was breaking into her neighbor's house. Her arrival turned into an armed robbery.

"When she parked her car, an individual approached her and pulled a gun on her and asked her for her purse and car keys," said Pinecrest Police Lt. Jason Cohen.

Police arrested a group of three burglars about two weeks ago, but that hasn't stopped the break-ins.

"We had another incident the next day," said Cohen.

Investigators have since formed a crime suppression task force. The Pinecrest Police Department is hosting a Safety Day on Dec. 8th.

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