Police investigate similarities in spy store, h.h. gregg burglaries

North Miami Police looking for possible connection between SpyTrix , h.h gregg thefts

MIAMI - A band of smash-and-grab thieves targeting local electronics stores has struck again. The latest heist occurred early Sunday morning at the SpyTrix store located at 13744 Biscayne Boulevard.

Surveillance video shows the crooks approached the store and then smashed the front glass window and crawled inside.

The four masked suspects were dressed all in black and wearing hoods.

"They touched everything, they took everything, they don't care," said store manager Josefina Capriles, who added that it appears the crooks did not care that 16 surveillance cameras were recording their every move.

They walked in calmly, surveyed the inventory and then got to work. Two of the thieves cleared the shelves, while the others ran to the back and got busy.

"They took the safe, they took everything, all the DVR's, all the professional equipment, I think they knew what they were looking for," Capriles said.

Police are trying to determine if the suspects in the video are the same smash-and-grab robbers who hit two h.h gregg stores in August, one in Hialeah and another one in Aventura.

Police say surveillance video from the previous robberies show remarkable similarities. The suspects are masked, dressed in black and wearing hoods. In addition, one of the suspects is seen carrying a white bag with a brown line down the side of it in both surveillance videos.

Another camera at SpyTrix store captured the two black getaway cars as they pulled out onto Biscayne Boulevard.

Capriles is still adding up the losses and hopes the video helps police catch the tech thieves before they strike again.

"I really hope that somebody catches them, I don't know, somebody has to stop them from doing this."

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