Police look for 'ninja robber'

Robber behind at least 12 robberies across South Florida, police say

NORTH MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - A man dubbed the "ninja robber" was caught on camera in at least a dozen robberies in South Florida, including one where he put a gun to the head of a female customer.

North Miami Beach police said the man has robbed six stores in the city, including the Kwik Stop at Northeast 19th Avenue and 182nd Street. Police said he has robbed at least a dozen businesses in the last three months.

"This guy's extremely dangerous. I mean, he's very brazen," said North Miami Beach Police Detective Mike Stein. "A majority of the stores he's hit are convenience stores or gas stations in Dade or Broward County."

In some of the robberies, the man was out of the store in a few seconds. In nearly all of them, he's seen terrorizing the clerks, including holding a gun to one man's head as he took money out of the cash register.

"Took the gun like that -- point to me. He got all money, and he told me, 'Open the safe.' I told him I don't have a key to open the safe," said one clerk.

In one robbery, one clerk fought back, but the robber managed to get away.

"He couldn't get the register open so he actually took the register and threw it on the ground," said Stein as he watched one of the videos.

In another video, the robber put a gun to a female customer's head.

"He entered the store and immediately went to a customer and put a gun to her head and ordered the cashier to give him the money or that he would kill her," said Stein.

The robber typically wears a black hoodie and a mask that only reveals his eyes. He always wears blue or purple latex gloves and black sneakers with a white sole.

"He is getting more brazen and he's getting more violent and before he kills somebody, we'd like to put this to a stop," said Stein.

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