Report of gunman on Northwestern University campus was hoax

EVANSTON, Ill. - Students and staff at Northwestern University were ordered to take shelter Wednesday after a report of a person with a gun on the school's suburban Chicago campus.

However, the report turned out to be a hoax and the all-clear signal was given.

University spokesman Jon Yates said the school had a report of a person with a gun in Engelhart Hall, a graduate student dormitory on the Evanston campus. Yates says Evanston and Northwestern University police are on the scene.

The school also tweeted about the report, asking people to stay away from the area and to "shelter in a safe place and stay until further notice."

Police say they have found no evidence of shots fired or a person with a gun, but continue to investigate.

The report comes as students across the country walked out of school to protest gun violence.

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