Police search canal in missing woman case

Vilet Torrez missing since March 30

MIRAMAR, Fla. - Police from several agencies searched a Miramar canal Monday for evidence in the case of a woman who has not been seen since March 30.

Police from Davie, Miami-Dade County, the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement gathered at the canal at Southwest 148th Avenue and 48th Court as they continued to investigate the disappearance of Vilet Torrez.

Torrez was last seen March 30 when she went to a friend's home for dinner. Her husband, Cid Torrez, had taken their three children for the weekend, and he reported her missing after she did not show up to pick them up after the weekend.

Despite the heavy police presence, it was intended to be a hush-hush operation.

Local 10 has learned that detectives received information that the remains Torrez's remains might be somewhere in the water or the woods along the C-9 canal.

Vilet Torrez's company car was found at her Miramar townhome. She never called in for work or showed up.

Julianna Martinez, of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, explained what police dogs were looking for Monday.

"They're trained to find the odor and then alert to it when they smell it. So, I mean, the odor, when it's underwater, it's gases, so it rises to the top, so they can smell it on the top of the water. The same with underground: It will come through whatever the medium is that it's under, rocks or dirt or whatever," Martinez said.

Cid Torrez has not been charged in connection with Vilet Torrez's disappearance.

The couple's children have been removed from their father's custody and put into the custody of Vilet Torrez's grandparents.

A custody hearing is set for May 10.

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