Police: Suspect used former Miami Hurricanes running back's name

Miami-Dade police: Damian Coleman had Najeh Davenport's drivers license

MIAMI - Miami-Dade police arrested a man who used former Miami Hurricanes running back Najeh Davenport's name after leading detectives on a chase.

Police originally identified the suspect as Najeh Davenport, who was arrested outside Jackson Memorial Hospital Thursday afternoon, and listed his birth date as February 8, 1979. Those matched the former Hurricanes and NFL running back's.

Police then identified him as 36-year-old Damian Coleman. They said he was in possession of Davenport's drivers license.

The vehicle Coleman was driving was stolen in Miami Gardens, police said. Robbery detectives saw him, and he led them on a chase before getting out of his car at the hospital.

"Whoever was trying to get out the car couldn't get pass the emergency room doors, so the cop followed him back to his car," said Francisco Halili. "It took like seven guys to bring him down. It was crazy."

Emergency room operations weren't affected.

"People were just shocked. I just thought it was an emergency," said Halili.

Someone claiming to be Davenport called Local 10 saying they had the wrong name. Local 10 encouraged him to call police, who then identified Coleman as the suspect.

Identity theft in Florida

Following a wrong-way crash that killed four people on Interstate 95 on April 3, police initially identified the suspect as Paolo Lafrance, who told Local 10 his identity was stolen four years and someone had been using it ever since.

Police then identified the suspect as Willie Dumel.

U.S. Attorney Wilfredo Ferrer said he's prosecuted nearly 100 cases of stolen identity refund fraud that totaled more than $50 million since August 2012 in Florida.

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