Police work to separate goat calls from human calls for help

Goat mistaken for human calling for help

PUTNAM COUNTY, Tenn. - Police in Putnam County, Tennessee have not been dealing with a rash of robberies, but rather, a rash of goat calls.

Edward Lane called police last week, reporting a man in the area who could be heard screaming for help. When police arrived, they heard similar calls.

After an investigation, police found it was not a human in distress, but a goat in distress.

"We could hear what appeared to be a man screaming for help." said Deputy Will Page. "It was actually coming from a goat that was tied to a fence," he wrote in his police report.

Deputies in the area have responded to similar calls in the past.

Goats sounding like humans have turned into viral phenomenons. Compilations are often favorites on YouTube.

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