Miami-Dade County tests voting machines ahead of Primary Election

Voting machines were tested Wednesday in Miami-Dade County ahead of the Primary Election.

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – The Florida Primary is just a few weeks away, on Tuesday, Aug. 23, and Miami-Dade County elections officials are getting ready.

On Wednesday, they tested out voting machines, making sure they accurately record results.

“We do take great pains when it comes to making sure we have the latest technology -- each vote will count as you want it to count,” Deputy Supervisor of Elections Suzy Trutie said.

According to elections officials, the logic and accuracy test is the final check prior to equipment deployment for the upcoming election.

Officials said that test ballots were cast according to a predetermined outcome, tabulated, and reconciled to ensure the votes were recorded accurately.

“This comprehensive test has been completed and the results are as expected,” Supervisor of Elections Christina White said. “Our equipment is functioning properly, and test votes were recorded accurately. Miami-Dade voters can be confident that we are election ready.”

To get ready for the primary election, voters can review their customized sample ballot in advance of voting.

Keep in mind, the recent re-districting process may have affected where you go to vote, so this is a good time to double-check your polling location. Voters are also advised to visit and click on “Redistricting” or call 311 for more information.

Early voting begins Aug. 8 and continues through Sunday, Aug. 21.

Early voting will be available at 23 locations, which will be open for eight hours each day.

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