Trump calls investigation ‘witch hunt’ after Jan. 6 panel unanimously votes for subpoena

WASHINGTON – In a bipartisan vote, the House committee investigating the January 6th Capitol riot attack voted 9 to 0 to subpoena former President Donald trump who lawmakers say provoked the insurrection in an effort to overturn the 2020 election.

On Friday, Trump pushed back at the panel calling their investigation a “witch hunt” but did not challenge the details of their findings.

Legal analyst David Weinstein told Local 10 News he now faces a big decision.

“He’ll either have to answer the questions and testify or each time he is asked a question he’ll have to invoke the rights under the 5th amendment – decline to answer the question on the ground that it might incriminate him, he’s proven to be a tough client over time,” said Weinstein.

In the past, Trump has urged his associates not to cooperate with the probe after former advisor Steve Bannon was found guilty of contempt of congress after he refused to comply with a January 6 subpoena and now faces up to 2 years in a prison.

“Despite the fact that he is a former president he is still subject to the same rules and conditions as everybody else,” said Weinstein.

Trump has argued that a former president has an executive privilege to keep conversations and materials confidential.

As the subpoena adds to the growing list of his legal issues, Trump is already facing civil and criminal charges in his New York business dealings and a FBI criminal investigation over his handling of government documents.

“I think his first play in all of this is to be delay the process,” Weinstein said.

About the Authors:

Ben Kennedy is an Emmy Award-winning Washington Bureau Chief for Local 10 News.

Ryan Mackey is our newest digital journalist at WPLG. He is New York born and South Florida raised.